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Prescription Labs USA® was born through a collaboration of chemists, biochemists, pharmacist, gym buffs and creative minds to bring you a unique nutraceutics company who prides itself on science and effectiveness above all else. Our nutraceutics are designed based on years of research, testing and innovation. We lead the industry in new product and ingredient development and introduction.

Our customers, and other great minds in the health and fitness industry provide a constant source of inspiration and the drive for us to stay on the cutting edge! As we continue to grow, we look forward to developing long-lasting relationships with our customers and distributors, providing the highest level of customer service and striving to introduce the highest quality products and ingredients.

GMP Certified Products for High Quality, Safety and Value

Prescription Labs™ takes great pride in all our products to ensure optimal quality. We believe better quality of life begins with a better quality of product. This is achieved by ensuring that each of our manufacturing locations is compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices. Our strict QUAP - Quality Assurance Practices - begin with research to determine the raw ingredients that will be selected and brought together from various reputable suppliers worldwide. Only the highest quality materials are used in our products. Each ingredient is then put through quality control checks to ensure maximum quality assurance and potency.


Recent studies proven that Zinc, Melatonin and Magnesium, can fight the symptoms of insonia, improving the quality of sleep and daily welfare. They are the compunds of Relaxproxin, a rejuvanating natural sleep aid that will make you rest peacefully!

How RELAXPROXIN® will make you sleep soundly and wake up full of energy, without any side effects:

  • Get the deep sleep you need;
  • Fall asleep quickly;
  • Remember how to sleep well;
  • Enjoy better sleep health;
  • Made in the USA.


When you're on a diet, your appetite gets high and you tend to lack energy. Say goodbye to everything that gets in the way of your weight-loss with Adipoxin, a powerfull appetite supressor and fat burner that will give you the energy you need:

With ADIPOXIN® giving the energy and disposition you need, nothing will get in the way of your weight-loss:

  • Prepare yourself for extreme weight loss
  • Increase your energy and focus level
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Made in the USA


TESTODREXIN TX3® the best testosterone booster - An EXTREME surge of testosterone production produces: Tremendous GAINS in lean muscle mass!

If you absolutely want to crush any obstacle keeping you from reaching your goals, you have now discovered the most amazing muscle building, testosterone booster ever.

With the strenght and energy increse you'll get with TESTODREXIN®, your goals will become easier and your obstacles insignificant!

  • MASSIVE increases in STRENGTH, vascularity & lean muscle DEFINITION!
  • Powerful increase in ALPHA-MALE mindset and assertiveness PLUS explosive libido and sex drive!
  • NOTICEABLE RESULTS in 2-4 weeks GURANTEED! All natural - Only top quality raw materials used.
  • Manufactured in a State-Of-The-Art USA Lab, safe FDA & CGMP certified & regulated facilities. Price is for one bottle.


Type II collagen, a triple helical molecule, is the principal structural protein in cartilage, responsible for its resistance to traction and its endurance.

The Next Generation in Joint Support is Here, OSTEODREXIN® amazing benefits:
  • 200% More Effective than Glucosamine & Chondroitin†;
  • Bioactive Undenatured Collagen;
  • Only 2 Capsules Once a Day;
  • Laboratory Tested for Purity & Quality;
  • No Flow Agents;
  • Irradiation Free;
  • Additive Free;


Phemprosterone® is a novel hybrid formulation that combines the powerful energy of a pre-workout, the thermogenic heat of a fat burner, and the anabolic potential of a natural T-booster – all in one convenient serving.

PHEMPROSTERONE® supports your physique-enhancing efforts in three distinct ways:

  • First, PHEMPROSTERONE® provides clinically-researched thermogenics to ignite your metabolism and help you burn more calories.
  • PHEMPROSTERONE® is also designed to help naturally optimize hormone levels to create an anabolic environment that helps contribute to lean muscle development.
  • Last, but certainly not least, PHEMPROSTERONE® contains powerful ingredients to help amplify training intensity and mental energy + focus in the gym, enabling you to get the most out of each workout.


Physician Formulated Nutrition Solution, Supports the liver's natural cleansing & detoxifying process*

Having a healthy liver is as important as having strenght and energy to achieve your goals. SILYTOXINON® will help you:

  • Protects liver cells from free radical damage with powerful antioxidants*
  • Provides support for healthy liver enzymes activity & nutrient metabolism*


BETADRENE® THE MOST POWERFUL PRE-WORKOUT EVER MADE - With a whopping 1500mg of beta alanine, you'll feel a huge energy boost within 5 minutes and be able to enjoy the best workouts of your life, because you'll experience immediate drive, focus, and strength. You'll lift more weight, work harder, and increase your intensity, so that you get maximum results from your workout from the very first use.

  • This product contains unique combination of 11 scientifically proven ingredients that will help you achieve workouts you never thought were possible.
  • Clinical Doses of Key Patented Ingredients.
  • Unparalleled Pumps, Energy. Focus. Endurance, and Tunnel Vision.
  • Ultra-Premium Pre-Workout Fuel Designed To Work Right Away.
  • Mental clarity redefined - Master the inner game. When your mind is sharp and focused, your world is changed inside and outside of the gym. FOCUS not only amplifies your workouts, but the added energy and mental clarity you'll experience first-hand is a game-changer both pre and post-workout. All is accomplished without the jitters or a crash as many experience with other pre-workout supplements.
  • Advanced formula - Made in the USA, this pre-workout booster is carefully crafted in a GMP/FDA certified facility free of sugars, binders and fillers.


Our bodies produce Growth Factors (proteins) for cellular growth, repair and regeneration. This peaks at 20, and as we age, our production of Growth Factors declines. IGF1 – 30.000 directly gives you Natural Growth Factors to help replace what you lose with age. Our oral spray enables the Growth Factors to go immediately to work in your body to help cells regenerate and improve your muscles, nerves, skin, organs and more.

  • General: Improve sleep, general health & resistance to illness.
  • Mental: Better focus, mental clarity, positive attitude, increased energy & alertness.
  • Cosmetic: Superior skin tone, body shape/weight loss & smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Athletic: Improved muscle tone and strength, more flexibility, less muscle, joint pain & soreness.
  • Sexual: Increased sex drive and performance for men & women.

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